Technology Management Services

Technology is integral to the proper deployment of Information Security Infrastructures. While each of these technologies can be learned, the application of new technologies to Information Security is a critical task that is best accomplished utilizing a seasoned professional to help integrate them into your infrastructure.

Included in this category of services are Firewalls, Proxy Servers, Application Gateways, Intrusion Detection, Enterprise Security Management, Security Testing and Validation, and Active Security Countermeasures.

We take a unique approach. While our business is providing services to our clients, our philosophy is to be an enabler, not a provider. We accomplish this by teaching and mentoring as we deliver services, integrating with your staff as a team, and through deliverable documentation covering all aspects of our delivered services. This permits you to leverage our expertise to integrate new, advanced technologies with a minimum of time and risk, while enabling your staff to manage the technology once it is deployed. We have recieved consistently high praise about the quality of our Technology Management Services, including our teaching and deliverable documentation.

Security Realization Services Overview data sheet (69K, pdf)

Security Planning Services Overview data sheet (69K, pdf)

Service Assurance Methodology™ data sheet (96K, pdf)

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