Gould Professional Services, Inc., was formed by Doug Gould in central North Carolina in July 2001 to meet the needs of companies who have found that the emergence of e-Business and
e-Commerce has opened new risks for them.

Information Security is our Business.

Gould Professional Services, Inc. utilizes seasoned, experienced professional consultants who are broadly known in the industry to bring you capability with confidence.
We maintain a vendor-independent posture and provide you with objective, fact-based decision criteria to untangle the web of
technology and enable you to apply it as YOUR business requires.
In addition to more than 30 years of industry experience, our CISSP certified consultants are bound by a strict code of ethics.


Careers at Gould Professional Services

If you are an Information Security Professional with at least 3 years experience in the field and possess either CISSP or CISA certifications (or plan to become certified within the next 6 months), have excellent communication and writing skills, and are interested in a career, please contact us by emailing your resume and cover letter in confidence to careers@gouldps.com and a representative will contact you.

At the current time we are especially interested in certified consultants with Pharmaceutical Validation experience (21 CFR).

We do entertain 1099 subcontract work from time to time. Contact us.

It is our policy not to recruit or hire employees of any Gould Professional Services customer within six months following an engagement, without advance approval of the customer organization's management.

Gould Professional Services is a leader in comprehensive Information Security services, offering a complete compliment of capability from initial planning and design to incident response and forensic analysis.

We offer network, host system and application security services across the entire security lifecycle, from concept including requirements definition, high-level corporate policy, detailed operational policy, software development, architecture, detailed design, implementation, operational assistance, regulatory compliance, emergency response, forensic and investigative services.

Through our own staff, partner companies and strategic alliances we provide end-to-end, complete security solutions from physical security to executive protection, from small business to Fortune 50 and National Critical Infrastructure, from insider threat to complex anti-terrorism issues, beginning with understanding your organizational mission all the way through forensic investigation of cybercrimes. Unmatched Ability. EXPERT assistance.


Approaching the security requirement from an advanced engineering and business perspective assures the right combination of process and technology, whether it is applied to a marketing website or an advanced, fault-tolerant financial transaction processing architecture. Implementing and maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively while enhancing your ability to approach operational excellence is the result.

Our unique Security Architecture Framework provides a documented structure that allows tracking of requirement and rationale from the highest level business model to the lowest level implementation and process detail. The result is increased business agility - as economic and market forces drive change, information architecture can keep pace, allowing the management of risk as an integral part of business.

Certified senior consultants bring the highest level of integrity and expertise to deliver optimum solutions with exceptional value. Our Service Assurance Methodology™ ensures consistently high quality of service.

Whether your needs are in e-Commerce, e-Business, or regulatory compliance (HIPAA, GLB, 21CFR11), we have the experience to help. Consultation is available in requirements gathering, planning, policy, design, implementation project management, testing & verification, certification & validation, process & procedure design, implementation and management, incident response, forensic analysis and staff training.

Our goal is to assist and enable you. We accomplish this by partnering to assure that we not only bring you the latest technology, process and methodology, but we enable your staff to maintain your infrastructure.

Our clients praise us for excellent service, thorough work, superb documentation, and for effective solutions. Let us partner with you for your success. Contact us today.

Gould Professional Services, Inc. performs professional services under contract to clients and customers. Unless specificially negotiated and executed by all parties in writing, our Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale apply.