Special Security Services

We offer highly Specialized Security services in several areas, due to an overwhelming shortage in the availability of qualified practitioners. These services are available only to corporate clients, attorneys, government and law enforcement agencies. It is our policy that we do not engage in covert or "black-bag" operations, and further that all activities in these areas are performed in strictest compliance with all laws, regulations and professional standards.

Specifically, if we encounter an authorized, legitimate on-going investigation by Law Enforcement or Regulatory authorities, we will not interfere with such an investigation and Will Not inform our client of this finding, in accordance with Title 18, US Code. We will complete our services thoroughly and will inform the client of any other relevant findings.

Operations Security (OPSEC) - We provide Operations Security training, planning, and validation services to United States companies, government entities and contractors. Special training services are available to US Government entities and their contractors.

Special Counter-Intelligence Services - Industrial espionage has grown significantly in the past decade with increasing importance placed on intellectual property and time-to-market. Sources of industrial espionage are both domestic and foreign. Foreign espionage sources include both industry and government. Services in this area have limited availability and are offered on a case-by-case basis.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) - This service verifies the presence of surveillance technologies and offers countermeasures recommendations using state of the art systems to detect and identify surrepititious interception devices and techniques. We utilize trained practitioners who are FCC-licensed commumications engineers, and identify wired, wireless optical and rf devices, carrying audio, video, or data. This is a sophisticated and expensive professional engineering service. Any Title-3 device identified will automatically be reported to the proper authorities without client notification and will only be disclosed to the client after verifying the absence of an authorized law enforcement or regulatory investigation. This service is not currently offered in the states of Nevada and North Carolina.

Executive Protection - We offer special services through a trusted and highly respected strategic partner in the area of executive protection. This is a very high quality service utilizing licensed, trained professionals whose presence is not obvious but whose effectiveness is. Special equipment, vehicles, and transportation services are available on a case-by-case basis, through our partner company. References are available.

Service Assurance Methodology™ data sheet (96K, pdf)

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