Risk Management Services

Active Risk Management is a primary foundation upon which Information Security is built. Every organization faces different, though sometimes similar, risk. Assessment of this risk must consider your information assets and the impact of their loss upon your organization, as well as existing protections including security technologies and processes, balanced against the latest in current threat intelligence.

Every organization differs in the degree of Risk they can tolerate. Risk Tolerance is the factor that distinguishes two otherwise identical organizations in the same business - whether it is selling hot dogs or using hot e-technology. Risks that fall below your risk tolerance threshold can be safely accepted as any other business risk is accepted, while those that exceed the threshold should be mitigated. The challenge is to accurately analyze the threats and risk exposure so that the correct decisions can be made to permit you the flexibility and control of Information and Electronic Risk that you desire in conducting business. Understanding Risk in your unique business environment is critical to your ability to properly manage and execute your mission because it is one of several key business foundation elements.

Information and electronic Risks are constantly changing and whether you are in a startup, growth or stable phase of business development, knowing your current Risk Posture is extremely valuable. Insurance underwriters are beginning to require organizations to provide a risk assessment as well as validation of electronic security posture as part of their underwriting requirement. Regulatory Agencies require protections that depend on this knowledge of risk.

We have provided Risk Management Services for the world's largest e-commerce businesses and utilize CISSP-certified, seasoned professionals and a robust risk assessment methodology that leverages both quantitative and qualitative approaches to deliver accurate, consistent, and reliable results.

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