Policy Services

Sound and effective policy not only defines an organization's operational approach and boundaries, but is also the foundation of an effective information security infrastructure. Policy defines both technological implementation and operational process; it establishes requirements for technical mechanisms and behavioral expections for employees.

The current Best Practice in Information Security Policy follows our Policy Framework Architecture™ - a structured methodology that establishes a linkage between business requirements, policy elements, infrastructure design elements, element configuration and operational processes. When any aspect of your business changes, the impact of change can rapidly be assessed by reviewing the Policy Framework Architecture linkages, where relationships are documented from high level business requirements through specific implementation and operational details. The Policy Framework Architecture documents not only the logical relationship of the requirement-policy-design-configuration-process linkage but also the business rationale underlying specific choices.

This Framework greatly simplifies the management of change at all levels and helps minimize oversight when responding to unavoidable change. In an era of accellerated technological and business change, the Policy Framework Architecture™ enables an unparalleled degree of agility in responding to and mastering change.

We have significant expertise in all areas of Information Security Policy, inculding, Privacy, Extranet, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Remote Authorization, Authentication, and Access Control (AAA), IT Operations, Physical Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. We specialize in regulatory compliance and bring strong expertise to address requirements of the GLB Act, HIPAA and FDA, among others.

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