Emergency Services:

Incident Management

Incidents include systems, network, application And security failures. Because the degree of damage can be severe if not properly managed, we recommend that a seasoned Incident Manager oversee incident recovery activities. This individual should be a capable crisis manager, technically strong, have a thorough knowledge of business and cybercrime law, and should be trusted and interact well with senior management. We provide this vital management capability working as a team with management at all levels. Our expertise includes strategic partnerships with renowned legal experts, should your in-house counsel desire this extra assurance. Our goal is to get your organization back to normal operation with minimum disruption.

Incident Response

Partnering with your in-house incident response team, expert technical assistance provides the added assurance that decisions are supported by the best available information. Of particular concern is the determination of whether an incident is of human cause, whether it is intentional, and whether it violates applicable law. Evidence preservation is critical in Incident Response if any subsequent action is to be taken, whether civil, criminal, regulatory or nternal disciplinary actions including employee dismissal. We bring the skill and expertise to diagnose, analyze, collect and preserve applicable evidence. Although we do not provide legal advice, we bring the legal professional knowledge to support your in-house or external legal counsel in making the correct business decisions, as well as external resources we can share as needed.

Forensic Analysis

Forensic analysis is the detailed examination, identification, determination and collection of evidence. Forensic analysis is entirely based upon fact and takes advantage of the fact that with sophisticated tools and techniques, information can often be recovered, even though the information is thought to have been lost or destroyed. Once suspicion of wrongdoing exists, it becomes necessary to determine whether or not an incident has occured. In the modern electronic age, intruders attempt to erase their tracks. Often, they do not posess the technical skill or may not have adequate systems access to obliterate every electronic fingerprint. We analyze the available data and produce an unbiased, accurate report using scientifically sound and court-upheld methods and tools. We assure forensic sterility and maintain chain of custody for all potential evidence processed.

Forensic analysis is not a quick service; it is usually a lengthy process and should be undertaken when it can yield a value that exceeds its cost. We provide assistance in helping you make this business decision, as well as in the collection and processing of evidence. The choice to report, prosecute, and or disclose investigative information is solely yours, except where law explicitly requires otherwise*.

Emergency Services data sheet (96k, pdf)

Service Assurance Methodology™ data sheet (96K, pdf)

All Emergency Services are available 24 hours per day and require payment of retainer in advance. Rapid on-site response (2 to 4 hours) is available to most cities in the eastern half of the US (Chicago to New Orleans) via charter air at additional cost; contact us for details. Pricing for services is available upon request. All travel expenses are billed and payable in advance.

IF you have a current Security Emergency, Download and Print our Emergency Response Package.

* The state of South Carolina has passed legislation making the failure to report Child Pornography a crime. Federal Law, Title 18 prohibits interfering with a Law Enforcement Investigation. In such circumstances, we are required to share information with appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies, and do so. It is our policy that all client information is treated as confidential and not disclosed to any other party, except as required by law. It is also our policy that we will not violate any person or entities' legal rights and that appropriate legal documents and court orders must be obtained where necessary to permit a proper, authorized investigation.