Our Advanced Forensics curriculum is a 5-day, dynamic instructor-led course addressing the latest in cybercrime law, forensic process, techniques, and tools designed to provide the insight and understanding necessary for the professional Information Security Forensic practitioner in today's complex Information Technology environment.

Taught by subject matter expert instructors, Advanced Forensics provides a solid foundation for advanced forensic analysis work necessary to meet the challenges of today's advanced information infrastructures and architectures.

Participants learn the latest in forensic techniques, investigative process, and through hands-on exercises gain insight into special challenges as well as advanced methods and approaches to successfully find the facts and unravel difficult forensic cases.

Prerequisites for this course are an advanced working knowledge of computer and network systems and a working knowledge of basic computer forensic principles and techniques.

Topics covered include:
· The Forensic Process
· Computer Crime & Related Law
· Telephony Technology
· Operating System Technologies
· Advanced Networking Technologies
· Advanced Disk Filesystems
· Electronic Evidence Collection
· Electronic Mail Analysis
· Disk Data Recovery & Analysis
· Data Remnant Analysis
· Logs & Computer Records
· Advanced Physical Evidence Investigation
· Expert Testimony
· Network Forensic Techniques
· Integrated Tools Suites
· Discrete Forensic Tools
· Advanced Forensic Tools
· Timeline Analysis
· Advanced Evidence Sources
· Personal Digital Assistants
· Slack Space Collection & Analysis
· Advanced Searching Techniques
· Enterprise Investigation Techniques
· Online Investigation
· Special Technologies & Resources
· Scientific Validity & "Junk Science"
· Case Management

Hands-on exercises provide exposure to different toolsets and techniques. Focus on multi-source evidence correlation, advanced technologies and enterprise investigation techniques fortify the course.

Our instructors bring over 20 years of experience in information security, and are nationally recognized experts in the field. Instructors are available at the end of each day for additional questions, discussion, and assistance with the course topics.

The price of the course includes all training materials, refreshments, and lunch each course day.

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